Saturday, 18 July 2015

Boudin Bistro, San Francisco

When I travel, I look for interesting places to eat. Sometimes it's somewhere fancy and expensive, other times it's cheap and cheerful. It might be well known, or some funky little place I've heard whispers of.

Boudin Bistro isn't super cheap, nor is it super expensive. It's certainly not a secret, having occupied the San Francisco waterfront for quite some time, and having produced its famous sourdough bread since 1849.

We arrived at the restaurant (upstairs, it's cheap and cheerful downstairs) and were immediately taken to our table. Unfortunately not directly by the window, but still in view of the bay and Alcatraz.

Photo courtesy of Boudin

The menu is simple, and highly focused around local (and ethical) seafood, and their signature dish is the clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl. I elected to munch on the complimentary bread while my other half enjoyed a plate of oysters. They usually have several varieties available and will mix and match to order.

For mains we both ordered the tacos; a sourdough tortilla with either crab, shrimp or cod. We got a combination of the crab and cod. Although small, the dish is surprisingly filling.

I'm of the belief that one should always save room for dessert, and this was no exception. My other half is a true American and loves his apple pie, so there was no contest. This pie is fully encased in a sourdough crust, and served with cinnamon ice-cream and a caramel sauce. We demolished it in minutes.

After that effort we decided we'd better walk back to our hotel...

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