Friday, 7 August 2015

John O'Groats, Los Angeles

After a relaxing evening at the Intercontinental in Beverly Hills, we needed somewhere for a good breakfast. The hotel is in a pretty quiet area right next door to Fox Studios, so there aren't many places to eat on a weekend. A quick Google search of the area found us John O'Groats.

We must have just beat the Sunday rush, as we were immediately directed to a table. On leaving there was quite a crowd waiting outside, so much so that a coffee/water table had been set up. This place is a bit funky, with the original part of the restaurant still featuring the diner counter and tiled floor; they have expanded into several adjacent stores over time.

There are so many options for breakfast that it is almost impossible to choose, so we decide to steer away from the "usual" stuff like pancakes. The poached eggs bruschetta caught my eye, and it didn't let me down. Lovely fresh olive bread, piled high with fresh tomato, feta, basil, and perfectly poached eggs.

The other half chose the Huevos O'Groats, which I had also been eyeing off:  biscuit dough tortilla topped with black beans, sauteed onions and peppers, with two eggs over medium, shredded cheese, sour cream and salsa. I expected the tortilla to be more solid but it was just a slightly thicker than usual tortilla, topped with fresh ingredients. Of course, someone had to pour the hot sauce on.

Overall a great find, though not one that we can just pop into again. The service was very attentive and we were never without a beverage. Given the line outside, it is certainly a gem.

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