Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blue Plate Taco, Santa Monica

Early last year I was taking a stroll along Ocean Ave in Santa Monica looking for somewhere to eat, when the word "taco" caught my eye. I had found Blue Plate Taco. Now it is tradition to return every time I am in LA to enjoy a cocktail and their delicious food.
This time I dragged along my partner, a harsh critic of Mexican food. While we waited for an outside table we sat at the bar, perusing the drinks menu. I cannot go past the passionfruit margarita, blended, with a chunk of dried ginger on top.

Then while we perused the food menu, we munched on a plate of corn chips with freshly made guacamole and salsa. Every table around us had exactly the same idea. A tip from me; get the full serve. Half will only lead to regret.

 Chips and Guac
Having previously had both the chicken and pork belly tacos I decided it was time for a change; on the specials menu was the yummy sounding blackened salmon tacos topped with a fresh salsa. My partner was equally enticed by the special beef short rib tacos. All tacos are served with a side of rice and beans. We certainly weren't disappointed.

Salmon Tacos

Short Rib Tacos

After a leisurely lunch in the sunshine, it was time to move on. But we will be back. And if you find yourself in the area, you can't go wrong with Blue Plate.

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